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Collaborate with Hiroaki Morita

BlanClass Tour: Student Night In MAM

December 05, 2013 / Collaboration

As part of the relevant planning of "Roppongi Crossing 2013" exhibition, blanClass * is based in Yokohama, is a business trip to the AIT in Daikanyama, make the selection meeting of artists. "Student Night" is an artist group AAG (Akiyama TomoKei, Susumu Harada, Masumoto Tight) was organized by the artist Hiroaki Morita, is a place of young artists presentation. On the day, and was held in the past "Student Night vol.1~9" top 25 pairs you have entry to makes a presentation of 5 minutes each, jury 10 pairs best the (+ Special Jury Prize + AIT Award) from there I selection at your venue. Elected artist, at a later date, will be held at the Mori Art Museum "business trip blanClass | from Student night" you get the opportunity of announcement in.
("Business trip blanClass scheduled to be held December 5 @ AIT | AAG + Hiroaki Morita [from Student night final presentation tournament]) Last presentation tournament best 10 pairs that have been selected by the Special Jury Prize, performance marathon by AIT Award winners .