The Academy of Alter-Globalization


Collaborate with Hiroaki Morita

re:plan “Thinking As An Amateur And Doing As A Professional”

January 12, 2013 / Collaboration

The Academy of Alter-Globalization + Hiroaki Morita, the place to presentation the plan should be implemented in a blanClass in 2013, and we want to create a place to discuss the plan. And to determine the plan to be realized on the day. Work, performance, events, other, it has not been realized it's now, you do not know how to be realized by doing Although came up, want someone entrainment because too much To do alone, Fodder of plans such as, I think, idea or, Please bring together so may others of less than idea. Topped with a variety of ideas to one of the arena, let's think about it is to be realized in this place to all participants and the future. The expected through their exchanges, we further activated more day-to-day activities of the participants and blanClass both, including the, as of revolution eve of the conference, to be a New Year's party of a and dangerous night worthy exciting to start the year and the not to, just hope we do not give up that.