The Academy of Alter-Globalization


Collaborate with Hiroaki Morita

Re: Wants To Go See An Exhibition?

June 28, 2012 / Collaboration

What can be done in the "Trade". Do what you think is the. Under such a proposition, The Academy of Alter-Globalization will start working with Hiroaki Morita's artists. For starters, it will be held an event named in a group exhibition of holding "Arab Express Exhibition" of more than one person at the Mori Art Museum going to see in the "active".

The first place that you appreciate the work, its etiquette and purposes, attitudes and attitude, have been left to each viewer as a matter of course. Then does the anxious, thinking what we by Watch act, the fact that what you are told. And, I will be that what kind of meaning and possibilities in such thinking and behavior itself. On the other hand, not on their own, he / or she of the thing is possible to chewing the manners in appreciation. And whether there is such a case, also that another of thinking and behavior rises to himself. There are also interested in such a thing.

That is our plan, you do not become another in an attempt to re-capture the appreciation act itself as a kind of creative act. But it, going out to live wearing your favorite band T-shirt. Or, would not so much difference and that you go as a monumental trip to large international exhibitions such as the Biennale. Altogether such the views expressed do not is wrong, why at the same time, we in it will prompt that it will doubt vision Me individual manners in appreciation. In other words, not only engaged position and act in art, personal and trivial things go positive against even act of face-to-face with the art, and I make you think the meaning of that again regarded as one of the practice in the art. Anyway Importantly, rather than to enjoy the work will be only to try active approach. In other words, you will want to go to see an exhibition of matter as a kind of performance.

On the day, I will start from the bottom of a giant spider, Maman to be a meeting place (sculpture of a spider). And First, we hope to go out to the exhibition from through to be ruminating a variety of positions to engage in art.