The Academy of Alter-Globalization


The Flag

September 24, 2011 / Action

While playing with my eyes to the problems and difficulties, re-capture the each of the world, school for the gradual thought and experiment The Academy of Alter-Globalization (below, AAG).
Drawing, parody, tower, interview & massage ... 5th of AAG, which has implemented a strange lesson, make a "flag", and you pierces.

We even this, and this moment is also perhaps now you have life, even while recognizing the stunned "flag", would not say that was vaguely staring Me.
Clad the national flag on the back, figure that walks the field slowly of ellipse while immersed in the afterglow of victory along with the audience. Or, symbolically pierces are scenes in mankind's first moon landing. Or, the appearance of that flag was erected by six soldiers of the top of Mount Suribachi. While imagine the line of sight to the various flags that have been engraved on the individual storage, we will confront and again "flag".

Flag, symbol of the identity of the country and collective, and features such as means of information and communication, design, color, its meaning will change in various ways depending on the position and height to be installed. We gathered at the AAG, when you face the "flag", what you talk, it is judged and selection, whether going to put what meaning in its four sides. And where the built up was "flag", How Impale I wonder whether.

Joy, nor sorrow, hope nor despair, words and will also have enjoyed, also, the interpretation of the iconography of the four sides that can be, along with the gathered people in there, fragments of various emotions spun out at that moment , inevitably to each other without bumping, that go the sublimated again captured.

As of Ira Hayes of life, "just wind only dance Indian dance" in the hope that might be a.