The Academy of Alter-Globalization



July 23, 2011 / Action

In The Academy of Alter-Globalization, erotic image of drawing, we have experimented with parody. The third round of this time, while moving the body, rather than using the head, it was decided to try to create an image in my head. "Tower" and that came up suddenly. And whether Let's build a tower.

I think it a lot there even say a word as "tower".
Tower as a memorial monument, tower for the purpose of military and management, tower ... Marr it as it as a religious and faith.

This time I have chosen the clay to the main material. To construct the shape by moving the direct hand, is a material that appears remarkably be considered in head. The participants, while facing the material that you have your own tower image and hands, I want you to go stacked tower that will change in the discussion. Or, it is desired to go laden Uzutakaku a tremendous fantasy that can not be expressed in words.

Afternoon of the afternoon, it is that try to build a tower in the cafe. Moreover, in the craft specific clay at low cost. Let the allowable discharge and of each other's ideas of image. While making the fancy of objects named Tower.