The Academy of Alter-Globalization


Song Parodies in Noise

May 28, 2011 / Action

And the in first round of classes conducted a very strange drawing The Academy of Alter-Globalization (below, AAG).
While gradually aware of the difficulties that can lurk in front, second round of classes of AAG to expect the emergence of ambiguous boundary that would are becoming visible in the earlier is "parody noise".

To begin a "parody" refers to the song sung intentionally lyrics lyrics other than that originally was attached to the song. As has been widely recognized in Kitai of talent that al-Yankobikku, name recognition, such as epidemic songs and nursery rhymes, song trappings that era is higher song has been a subject. And listen to one to the top of the melody that can be to highlight the contours of "the song" is actually satire, slander, brutality, such as the shortcomings of on discrimination and body, is so to speak violent observer of such a cold gaze and ups and downs than is has.
In the depths of drastic "laughter", emits light only faintly fact that you can not only be stunned to Tachisukumu in place.

"Parody" of as teaching materials that have been provided wildly by AAG. And is played in a manner responsive to its "noise". Song also to be built only in the spot also, all of which are tone such as lullaby ecstatic that people camera captures for the first time created in its place. Rather than "as something" than hear, eager to share the glow of the spectrum of disturbing noise that does not hear "only something" with the madness tremendously, as when you carefully chewing on Saturday afternoon have.